What is Workshop Income?

Let us be your crash test dummy in finding out the best ways to turn your workshop into an income producing machine.  We'll post live updates on how to plan and build highly marketable products, build an audience, find sales channels and track your financial progress.


Out hand built tools let you manage your projects from design to cost to final sale.

What to Expect?

We're breaking down the details to make it easy for you to follow along and start building your own home workshop.  We'll be putting out step by step guides to building and selling in demand products, talking with other sellers to find their tips and tricks to running a successful home workshop business and running live updates as we build our own business from the ground up.

Current Projects

Follow along in our Current Projects section to see in real time what projects we are designing, building, marketing and selling.  In this section we will include project plans, income reports and detailed build follow alongs.


Check out our blog for the latest updates on building a captive audience, discussions with other builders who make a living from their home workshop and a ton of other great content.

Around the Shop

Lastly our Around the Shop section breaks down how I personally work including tool reviews, shop layout tips and ways to improve your building processes through automation, batch work and upgrades.

Our Belief

We are firm believers in taking the time to work and create with your own hands.  Getting out into the shop and fixing a lawnmower, building a picnic table or sewing a leather wallet can be driver behind the aha moments to getting off the couch or breaking free from a monotonous desk job.

Ecommerce sites like Etsy, Amazon and the various offerings for personal online storefronts have made the process of making and selling your own goods easier than ever.  The ability to create and sell is potential that rests within each one of us and we want to do what we can to help you unlock it.