New Build – Figured Black Walnut Lamp with Maple Accents

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We’re building a modern black walnut and maple lamp that can be easily modified and sold as either a pendant or table lamp.



Walnut Lamp Build Stats


Figured Black Walnut 2/4 stock

Hard Maple S4S 5" x 1" stock

TItebond III Glue

Lamp Components

Material Cost

Walnut - $11.70 (.9bf @ $13/bf)

Maple - $1.20 (.2bf @ $6/bf)

Lamp Components - $8.00

Misc (glue, sandpaper, finish) - $3.00

Total Material Cost - $23.90


Other Costs

Sales Fee (Etsy) - $0.20 + $4.20 (3.5% of estimated sales price)


Potential Sales Price

$100 - $125 (Etsy)

Comparable Listings



Potential Profit

$72 - $97 Per Sale


Time Commitment

Single Build (5 Hours) - $14 to $19 time value per hour

Batch Process (3 Hours) - $25 to $35 time value per hour


Tools To Be Used During Build

Grizzly G0771 Table Saw

Grizzly G1182 6 Inch Jointer

Skil Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DW735x Planer

1/2" Narex Chisel

Oshlun 8 inch Dado Stack

Makita 5 Inch Random Orbit Sander

Bosch 2 1/4hp Plunge Router w/ Whiteside 1/4" downcut spiral bit (optional)

Build Design and Planning

I based my design on a similar style hanging pendant light I had come across online with modifications to the shape and design of the maple accents and overall size of the lamp.  The piece as I designed and built it is styled to be a desk or accent lamp.  If used as a hanging pendant light I would significantly narrow the walnut to reduce the bulkiness.

Sketchup was used to layout the general design and come up with a cut list.  Luckily I had some very nicely figured half inch walnut boards in my shop that had developed some pretty significant warping so these would be perfect to cut down and use.  The maple I used was 1″ x 5″ S4S that was leftover from building kitchen cabinet doors last year.  I just needed to resaw and rip it on the tablesaw to bring it to the correct dimensions.

All the joints are cut in the maple accents and are simple dado cuts.  At the end of the project I used a router with an edge guide and 1/4 inch downcut spiral bit to notch the interior of the walnut to add a piece of maple to hold the light hardware. This is entirely optional though and the same result could be down with some small cleats glued to the walnut.  I did not initially plan out the placement as I wanted to adjust the height to fit the lighting hardware.

The lighting components were ordered from amazon and are sold as a pendant kit but are can also be used in this application as a lamp.

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  1. Derek

    I calculated the BF for each panel using 1/2″ thick, 6″ wide and 11″ tall as the dimensions. This would equal ~1/4 BF for each panel and 1BF for the total project.

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